Geography Field Work

Year 7 – Officer Recreation Reserve

As a part of their Geography Unit looking at Livability the Year 7 students recently took part in a fieldwork at Officer Recreation Reserve. The boys identified some open space immediately adjacent to the football ground and took a number of pictures which they then annotated, identifying any features currently on that land. They were then tasked with working in groups or individually to redesign the area to make it more livable. Students were given a number of parameters that their designs needed to incorporate in order to meet the criteria of the task. The final piece of work was presented in the form of a map, using the geographical terms that were learned earlier in the semester.

Year 8 – Phillip Island

As part of their topic study in coastal landscapes, the Year 8 boys headed down to Phillip Island to conduct an intensive field work activity and observe in person what they had been learning in the classroom. Students sketched and analysed rip currents and wave cut platforms at Cape Woolamai, taking note of how the rip moved in the hour we were there.

They then moved on to The Nobbies to observe the natural features and landscape changes due to erosion and other influences. They observed the human interactions with the natural environment and analysed which ones were designed to support nature such as penguin boxes and board walks and which may not have been as supportive such as litter on the ground.

It was an excellent day, with kind weather and engaging, practical learning by all.