George Ivanoff Incursion

On Wednesday 8 February, we had the opportunity to have George Ivanoff visit Berwick Grammar School to share his knowledge with our Year 8 cohort. George Ivanoff is an experienced Australian author who has written over a hundred books, whether it be choose-your-own adventure books, fantasy and non-fiction books and primary school readers. In Period 1, George introduced himself and shared insights about writing stories with the Year 8 cohort. He provided us with information on how to plan and start books, creating the structure of books and the editing process. In Period 2, some students were lucky enough to stay for an extra period with George and learn about some more detailed things such as characters, settings and conflicts.

Everyone in Year 8 will have learned something to help improve their writing, especially for the upcoming short story task!

James Gallie and Nick Li
Year 8 students