Great Barrier Reef Project – Meet “Nemo”

On the first day of Term, Ms Rome presented me with a hand-knitted clown fish – so I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss why we had Ms Rome knitting for us!

As a part our Global Responsibility Portfolio/Project two teams were entered into The Global Social Leaders Goals Competition.

Our Team consists of Xingtong, Mehr and myself, and we all have a strong passion and respect towards caring for the environment. After many meetings and discussions on how we can help create a sustainable future and work towards the United Nations “17 Sustainable Development Goals to Transform Our World”, Xingtong came up with the idea of developing a knitted coral reef – through sustainability sourced materials to educate the wider community on the aspects of the Great Barrier Reef that are currently and will be affected by climate change if we do not take action. We hope to present the final piece at Bunjil Place Library to educate the public surrounding climate change and the damage it is having on our Great Barrier Reef.

We then thought how we could further develop this project, and decided to sell kits to schools where their students learn about the coral reef through all of their students individually knitting a small part of the reef, for all of them to place it together as a class project.

We hope to raise funds through this program, and for 100% of the proceeds to be donated towards projects that are in support of protecting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and our climate.

Trent Mitchell
Year 12 student