GSV Triathlon

The GSV Triathlon was held at Altona Beach on Sunday 1 March.

The girls had the choice of a short distance event or a long distance event.

The short distance event consisted of a 300m Swim/ 10km Ride/ 2km Run. The long distance event consisted of a 400m Swim/ 15km Ride/ 4km Run.

St Margaret’s School had a team of eight participants – Bella Giddins, Amber Flanders, Mariska Matin, Chloe Liew, Sienna Pinnock, Megan Keramidas, Clare McCurdy and Amy Herbert.

The girls challenged their physical and mental ability, pushing beyond their comfort zone. The girls all crossed the finish line with a big smile on their face.

For the majority of the team it was their first ever triathlon. This is an outstanding achievement and accomplishment!

A special mention to Clare in the Senior long distance category and Amy in the Senior short distance category for recording Top 10 finishes.

Congratulations to all of the girls involved!