Head of Campus update – 11 February 2016

Our wonderful outdoor programs which are well underway offer our boys the opportunities for experiential learning. Far removed from the comforts of home, these programs are designed to challenge every boy on a variety of levels. Whether it is being away from home, flying to and visiting  Canberra and learning about the history and political backdrop of Australia, encountering the physical environment or navigating the busy streets of Melbourne. Each adventure will enable the boys to take risks, strengthen and forge new friendships.

As I walked around the school, it was pleasing to see the hard work and determination already being displayed by our boys. As we nurture and develop a culture of excellence at the commencement of the school year I always reiterate the St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School graduate statement. What does this mean for our students? Firstly, be inspired, be engaged and through working together, we can achieve success. As they walk in the company of those who believe in them, now is the time for them to believe in themselves. Every lesson is important. I am proud of the staff who provide our boys with precise and personalised opportunities for learning. These should make the boys feel empowered and determined to make the most of those opportunities and strive to reach their personal best.

I wish you all the best for the year ahead and look forward to celebrating many more successes this year.

Mr Charles Swanepoel