Head of Campus Update – 18 August 2016

The 90th Anniversary celebrations continued this week with the annual school concerts. Head of Music, Mrs Cochrane, along with her staff and students in the Performing Arts Department, excelled themselves in a wonderful celebration of music from the last 90 years. One of the features of this year’s concerts was extracts from interviews with old staff and students covering each decade of the school’s existence. These linked the musical items in the concert perfectly. As always, the students showcased their exceptional musical talents in a professional and disciplined manner. The school concert was a joyous event that was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you to the music students and staff.

It has been a busy time in Senior School as we embark on the process of electing students to leadership positions for 2017. At a recent school assembly, we heard from the five school captain candidates and what an exceptional group of young women they are. Each presented a mature understanding of what it means to be a leader and had a strong vision for the role. Below are extracts from each of their election speeches which illustrates the extraordinary leadership capacity of our students.

It is with pleasure that I announce the school captains for 2017 are Jessica Bourke and Ashleigh Tsui-Po.


Ainsley Somers. ‘The main reason I am applying to be one of your school captains for 2017 is because I genuinely love my school, and its students, and believe that this is the perfect opportunity to give back to everyone who has helped me become the person I am today. Because who wouldn’t want to be the leader of a supportive, friendly and accepting school like ours?

Jessica Bourke. ‘It would be my absolute aim to ensure that each of you feel comfortable, respected and a sense of purpose at our school. In particular, I would love to set up mentoring opportunities to help out the younger girls and so that more students can get the opportunity to become leaders in their own right.’

Rebecca Bailey. ‘My goal if elected for School Captain is quite simple, I would like to inspire, encourage and nurture all the girls within our school TO GET INVOLVED. To stand up, take a risk, step out of your comfort zone, harness your unique individual GIRL POWER and unleash it in all directions.’

Sanjana Nambiar. ‘I’m fairly new to St Margaret’s (esp. compared to the girls who have been here since year 3), but what struck me as amazing in this school was the way I was welcomed into the St Margaret’s family. Every girl was kind, helpful, thoughtful and sincere. And the teachers were passionate and supportive.
St Margaret’s is honestly a big sisterhood, filled with kind, passionate and reliable girls. Each girl here forms a strong bond with the school and their sisters, one that they would never forget. We are like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions but our root is always one, we will always be St Margaret’s girls.’

Ashleigh Tsui-Po. ‘I have been at St Margaret’s School since pre-prep in 2003. From that moment onwards, I have been guided and accepted into a remarkable community in which the students, staff and leaders of the school have supported, encouraged and nurtured me to develop into a compassionate and confident young woman thus far.’