Head of Campus Update – 18 August 2016

Term 3 is an exciting term for our students as the 2017 leadership applications commence. On Monday 15 August we heard the presentations of seven of our Year 11 boys who have applied for the position of School Captain for 2017. We are immensely proud of their presentations. Each of them spoke with such confidence, clearly articulated their passion for the school, the boys and their vision for BGS into the future. All the applicants are to be congratulated on their presentation and wish them all the best of luck as the school community now cast their ballot to decide on who they would like to lead them into 2017. In the coming weeks we will hear from all other Captain applicants in the various disciplines.

Rehearsals are well underway for the BGS In Concert. The concert will take place at St Margaret’s Rosanove Auditorium, Thursday 8 September 7.30 pm. More information regarding rehearsals and links for booking a seat will become available shortly. We look forward to a wonderful evening showcasing the many musical talents of our boys.

A reminder that Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences for Year 7-9 (A-Z) will be held on Thursday 25 August. As the education of your son is a partnership between the school, the student and the parents, I strongly encourage you to attend the PTS to keep informed of your son’s progress and how we can work together to enable him to succeed and achieve excellence.

Mr Charles Swanepoel
Head of Berwick Grammar School