Head of Campus update – 29 May 2017

It’s always a pleasure to work with our Student Representative Council and share their thoughts and enthusiasm. They arrive at each meeting with their suggestion boxes filled with new ideas and initiatives to help make the Junior School an even better place to learn. Their purpose is to reflect the views and opinions of their classmates, organise events and activities that unite our school community and raise funds to support various charities. Recently SRC agreed that this term’s free dress day in the Junior School will be held on Wednesday 21 June with a focus on wearing sporting gear. Their preferred charity will be confirmed at the next SRC meeting.

Chess has become a very popular activity with our many of our students. We now run two sessions per week that are proving to be positive fun experiences whilst developing logic, skill strategy and sequential thinking. Congratulations to Nitesh Jayasinghe, Dulini Perera and Sarah O’Connor for their outstanding success in the recent chess competition.

There has also been a pleasing response from students requesting involvement in this year’s Science Talent Search and National History Challenge. These popular programs provide a valuable experience for interested students to further develop their inquiry, planning and research skills. The National History Challenge gives students the opportunity to be an historian with the focus this year being ‘Making a Better World’.  The Science Talent search inspires students to explore a broader understanding and awareness of ecosystems, air quality, food technology and urbanisation through this year’s focus ‘Future Earth’. Both programs encourage independent learning through the investigation of real life issues. Additional to these programs, has been the introduction of Robotics during lunch times. This also is proving to be a huge success and a perfect introduction to engineering, problem solving and deductive thinking for our young learners.

The Junior School is buzzing with enthusiasm, excitement and activity. As we prepare for upcoming sporting events, musical performances, class excursions and ongoing inquiry learning, we continue to develop each student’s academic, social and emotional wellbeing through in a wide range of challenging and engaging activities and programs.

Ms Carole Reed
Head of St Margaret’s Junior School