Head of Campus Update – 7 December 2017

As the school year draws to a close, it’s an ideal time to reflect over the year and acknowledge all that has been achieved. The Junior campus provides the foundation for learning and I am delighted that we have all experienced another very successful and memorable year. Once again, our dedicated students have demonstrated their learning capabilities when provided with the right support and encouragement from home and school. They continue to embrace the many campus and cross campus opportunities and programs that foster inquiry based learning and challenge their thinking and reasoning.

In its second year, the Learning Enhancement Program has resulted in encouraging feedback and positive outcomes through individual and small group support in literacy and numeracy and enrichment activities that promote critical thinking and problem solving. This year our students welcomed numerous opportunities to participate in various external competitions including the Maths Talent Quest, Science Talent Search and the History Challenge. Overall, St Margaret’s Junior School performed remarkably well and the students were rewarded for their enthusiasm and inquiring minds by taking out the top awards. The continued implementation of the highly acclaimed Resilience Project has also provided a successful framework and realistic strategies that build and maintain confidence and resilience for students of all ages for life.

After 33 years in the Junior School office, we farewell Mrs Cheryl Hyland. During this time she has met and welcomed so many students and their families to our school and is now seeing these same students return as parents with their own young children keen for an education at the same school as their mum. We thank Mrs Hyland for all she has done for so many people over many years. She has been an important and caring part of Junior School and now it’s time for her to focus on the things that make her smile and the people who are special to her. Goodbye and thank you Mrs Hyland.

We also wish Mrs Sandra Barrett all the best as she commences 12 months leave and we look forward to her return to the Junior School in 2019.

A big thank you to our student leadership teams who have displayed initiative and integrity in their roles. Each of you have stepped up and inspired and encouraged others to see the best in themselves. A special thank you to our Junior School Captains, Ruby and Anaise. It has been a pleasure to work alongside these two remarkable girls who have grown into their role over the year and developed into strong and compassionate student leaders. I wish all our Year 6 girls all the best as they transition to Senior School and begin the next chapter of their learning and self discovery journey.

Finally, to all families within our school community, I wish each of you a very merry Christmas and safe and restful holiday with your family and friends. I thank you sincerely for your continued support and trust during 2017 and look forward to another great year working together for our children in 2018.

Ms Carole Reed
Head of St Margaret’s Junior School