High Achievers’ Assembly

A culture of excellence begins with the conversations we have as a school.  Assemblies are a key time for building that culture – and the High Achievers’ Assembly of 21 February was an important moment to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the Class of 2018, and to keep that positive momentum going for the boys in years to come.

The top four performers of this year level Pamod Suriyage, Will Morgan, Ryan Holland and Matthew Bright returned to give current students the benefit of their experience.  Each boy shared the tips that helped them achieve success – concrete study tips, what to avoid, how to work and ultimately, how to trust their teachers to guide them.  These tips, whilst most useful for current VCE students, also acknowledged how younger boys might help themselves form better study habits in the immediate future.

Pamod’s greatest tip was about trial exams and examiners reports.  He had developed a lot of good strategies for boys to try themselves.  Will stressed pacing yourself and avoiding burn out, and also ensuring a deep understanding of all content.  Ryan spoke about how often he used his teachers as a resource, and followed up Will’s comments on asking questions.  He also encouraged you to aim for your personal best rather than a number.  Matthew encouraged us all to give full attention to all our subjects and to avoid spending too long on ATAR Calculator.

Each boy spoke beautifully and authentically about their journey through the school and their plans for tertiary study.  They were supported by family and cheered on by current students as they exited the Performance Centre.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing