High Performance Gymnastics

How can you be a risk-taker, develop your confidence and get some healthy exercise all at the same time? Join your classmates on an adventure to the High Performance Gymnastics centre, where you can swing on rings, jump with excitement, or maybe apprehension, into a foam pit and bounce on the spongey floor. This was the highlight for the Early Learning Centre children who have been learning how they need to behave in order to stay healthy. As we all boarded the bus with boundless energy, we firstly headed to Albert Park Lake where the children swamped the playground excitedly climbing, running and exercising their muscles as they engaged with this picturesque outdoor environment. With a nutritious lunch in the park pavilion to refuel their bodies, the children then clambered back onto the bus to head to the gym.  With beaming faces of sheer joy the children engaged in some warm up activities before moving quickly through the gym circuit, which had them developing their upper body strength, fostering their balance skills and working their little muscles. Our wonderful parent helpers along with the encouraging coaches, supported each child to test their confidence in jumping from heights, and for some to disappear in a sea of foam. The bus trip home was certainly a much quieter one with some exhausted children, parents and teachers enjoying some peace and for some a sleep to round off a balanced and exciting day.

Mrs Sue Eden
Director Early Learning Centre