Historic Win and Sporting Leaderships

The SIS soccer team were scheduled to verse Nazareth College, the toughest competition in the league. BGS has never won against Nazareth, often coming off second best in several close games, however, on Thursday, the BGS boys went out to Nazareth to face their team and loud crowd but came out with a winning attitude. After a quick warm up the boys quickly got into the game. Right off the bat, the BGS boys dominated play, with some fantastic work in the midfield by Matthew Peart and Aidan Ferreira meant BGS had possession for most of the game.

Late in the first half, Aidan ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ Ferreira played an unbelievable back heel pass to Matthew Bright who tapped it in for BGS to go 1-0 up. This led to the Nazareth crowd being in complete silence. BGS finished the first half 1-0 up, with the defense looking incredibly strong with Ryan Holland and Ben Easton as the center backs, combined with Alex Kraan and Riley Clark doing a great job as fullbacks. In the second half, Sreerag Sreekumar made some strategic runs to create space for the great Eli Tyrrell. Eli continued his impressive goal scoring form from previous years and absolutely launched the ball into the top left corner from a first-time finish. This put the boys 2-0 up and in good stead to take home their first victory against Nazareth. BGS continued to dominate the game and were only let down by a questionable decision by the referee to give Nazareth a penalty. The boys respected the referee’s decision and finished off the game strong with a final score of 2-1.

Matthew Bright, Year 12 student


Sport Leadership

As part of our Leadership Program at Berwick Grammar School, this semester our Sport Captain, Jacob Bernard will be working with our Sport Leaders Riley Clark Year 11 and Caydn Lane Year 9 and 10 to design a lunchtime sports program, supported by staff volunteers.

This leadership team will survey the student population, evaluate the results and design a sports program based on these results. In the past, the lunchtime sports program has targeted specific year levels to ensure opportunities are provided to all our students. The philosophy for the lunchtime sports program is to both maximise access for all students, whilst at the same time ensuring fun and enjoyment by all.

This semester our Sport Captain and his leadership team will also be implementing a number of House Sport competitions where students across different year levels will be competing together whilst representing their House to win House points.