House Cross Country carnival

The last Tuesday of Term 1 saw the running of the House Cross-Country for 2017. The Senior School students were greeted with perfect weather, however, no amount of sunshine was going to make the three-kilometre course any easier.

Olivia Weston was the winner of the final race, with her time of 11m: 44s missing the course record by only one second, ironically held by Olivia herself from her 2016 run.

The cheering on course during the races was followed by thunderous House chants, which were led by the House captains, as the overall results were tallied. In third place was Gipson with 442 points; second was Cunningham with 448 points; with Campbell being Cross-Country champions for 2017 with a fast finishing 474 points.

Outstanding individual performances on the day were as follows:

Year 7: 1st Tahlia Stibbard (14m:49s), 2nd Brianna Munns, 3rd Shae O’Connell, 4th Claudia Eibl

Year 8: 1st Sophie Castricum (14m:39s), 2nd Adele Handley, 3rd Ashlee Duhau, 4th Eliza Daniel

Year 9: 1st Jessica Day (12m:43s, 2nd fastest overall), 2nd Tahlia Lane, 3rd Phoebe Thompson, 4th Georgia Asling

Year 10: 1st Shae Jones (14m:3s), 2nd Lauren Castricum, 3rd Natasha Moody, 4th Eleanor Nichol

Year 11: 1st Grace Davis (13m:20s), 2nd Erin Handley, 3rd Siahn Fraser, 4th Susanna Bates

Year 12: 1st Olivia Weston (11.44s, fastest overall), 2nd Leah MacDonald (3rd fastest overall),  3rd Alice Vonic, 4th Nicole McClarly

A special thank you to all the staff who ventured out onto the course to ensure the safety of the girls during the running of the event. Congratulations also to all those who completed the course with a personal best time, or simply produced an effort that they were proud to own.

Mr Gerard Bourke
House Coordinator