House Extravaganza

Term 3 concluded with the on-stage finale to the 2017 House competition, House Extravaganza.

During the weeks leading up to this event, all girls chose to be involved in one of a variety of activities that were decided by the House Captains and run by the Year 11’s.

The activities included Masterchef, Trivia, Board games and puzzles, Minor sport competitions, Drama activities, Dance productions, Musical challenges and a Thrift Shop fashion challenge.

The three Houses competed on a weekly basis; trying to earn enough points each round to become the overall winner for the activity and in doing so, help their House to become the Extravaganza Champion for 2017.

The activity winners after 5 rounds of competition were as follows:

  • Masterchef – Gipson
  • Trivia – Cunningham
  • Games and puzzles – Cunningham
  • Sport – Campbell

The remainder of activities were decided by on stage performances, judged by secret judges. And what fantastic performances they were!

The Finale itself began with a very entertaining music and dance item performed by the House Captains, which totally energised the audience and set the scene for the performers that followed. The Dance competition was of a very high standard and was won by Cunningham, who were inspired by their College theme. Cunningham also won the Lip sync battle and in doing so, were named the  winners of the Music challenges. Campbell proved too strong in the Battle of the Bands, whilst Gipson took out the Thrift shop fashion design challenge.

Whilst all Extravaganza points were tallied, the staff of SMS decided to perform their version of the Mylie Cyrus song Party in the USA, complete with “live” band, vocals and dancers. The noise from the Auditorium could clearly be heard in all parts of the School, with the students ultimately drowning out the teachers with their own rendition of the song.

Finally the winning House was announced and it was Cunningham who became Extravaganza champion, with Campbell second and Gipson third.

The points for this competition will now be combined with the House points already won from other House events during the year and will help determine the House Aggregate Points Champion for 2017.

Mr Gerard Bourke
House Coordinator