House Swimming

This year’s event was the first taste of House Swimming for the Year 3 students and teachers, and the day didn’t disappoint! The sun was already shining very brightly as we reached the Pakenham Pool and the atmosphere was electric, with lots of support for each House.

Any early day nerves for the first-timers soon went away as the freestyle races kicked off the program. The Year 3’s quickly got into the swing of things, supporting their teammates, chanting their House names and doing their best in the pool. They enjoyed watching and joining in with the older students, who showed amazing leadership.

With the heat rising during the day, in the water was the best place to be. Many Year 3 students achieved their personal best and couldn’t wait to get back into the pool for each new event. The novelty relays were a particular highlight, with the cheering reaching its peak, and with incredible teamwork on display.

At the end of the day we had some extremely satisfied students, with many first, second, third and fourth ribbons proudly on display. The Year 3 teachers were also incredibly proud of the students for their commitment, enthusiasm and achievements.

As always the day was well-organised and run by the PE team and teaching staff. The Year 3’s now know what to expect from our Junior School House Swimming day and can’t wait for next year’s event!

Mrs Rachel Bourke
PE teacher