As the School calendar year draws to a close, the activity in House has certainly heated up, with all girls from Year’s 7 to 9 getting ready for the Themes and Dreams (TAD) House Drama production. TAD is the first event for the new House Year and all Houses are very keen to start with maximum points. The leaders of each House have been challenged to write a musical that addresses a 21st Century problem and draw inspiration for their Musical from the songs of one of Beyonce, Lady Gaga or Katie Perry.

Rehearsals started for all Middle school students on Monday afternoons early in the term, but then moved to replace regular class time as part of the End of Year Program. The Festival Captains and other TAD Leaders have organised practice of the dancers, actors, singers, backstage crew, props, costumes, lighting, sound and multimedia so that all come together on Thursday 7th December for judging. The overall winner will be announced after the evening performance, along with the winners of all of the judging categories.

After TAD we are then all looking forward to the House Swimming Carnival, which will take place on the very first Friday of term one next year. All parents will shortly an email request to e-consent to for their daughter to participate in the event and this must be addressed as soon as possible.

Mr Gerard Bourke