HPV Wonthaggi 24hr Grand Prix Success

The SMS/BGS HPV and Cycling Squad had a successful weekend in Wonthaggi for Round 2 of the Victorian HPV Series. We had 9 teams entered – 4 senior teams, 3 junior teams and 2 parents and past students teams. In total, 72 students and 24 parents and past students.

Hot conditions outside made for even hotter conditions inside the vehicles, however, our students rode so well throughout the 24 hour event.

Our Year 4 – 6 students, who rode in Apollo, Shooting Star and Cosmic Rocket, competed for 16 hours (noon until 10.00 pm, rest/sleep over night and then commence riding from 6.00 am – noon) has a fabulous time. The smiles on their faces confirmed how much fun they were having!

Our Year 7 – 12 students, competing in Pegasus (Open Female Category), Perzeus (Open Secondary Category) Ceto (Open Secondary Category), and Chrysaor (Middle Secondary Category) completed the full 24 hours. Each rider rode with great courage given the riding conditions and demonstrated good riding skills throughout the event.

Pegasus and Chrysaor had well deserved victories in their categories. Pegasus, whose riders were Nicole McClary, Sophie Li, Olivia Weston, Ainsley Somers, Scarlett Marks-Boulton, Ami Billingham, Susie Bates, Erin Hanley and Makenzie Betts finished 11 laps ahead to their nearest rival.

Max Walton Briggs, Thomas Fenner, River Dixon, Miller Marks-Boulton, Adele Hanley, Sam Horton, Alisa Johnson and Clare McCurdy rode Chrysaor to a narrow victory. They were 3 laps behind the leader of their category with 6 hours to go and, through persistence, determination and great riding, chased their opponent down to win by 2 laps.

Unfortunately, Perzeus our senior boys team of David Somers, Max Blackwood, Justin Lake, Rylan Hall, James Agahi, Lachlan McPhee, Lachlan Webb and Patrick Holloway had a very tough race. They had multiple issues with their vehicle, including a broken chain, the bottom chain guide moving, a steering support arm weld break as well as a broken seat, all contributing to over 2 hours off the track, however, to their credit they continued riding with a positive attitude and were able to bring their vehicle home in 5th position in their category.

The SMS/BGS parents and ex-student teams also rode well. It is wonderful that our parents get to experience what their child/ren does by riding in their own vehicle. It is also wonderful to have our past students come back to our squad and ride alongside our current students, always setting a fantastic example on and off the track.

Summary of Results:

Vehicle Category Position
Pegasus 1st
Perzeus 5th
Ceto 11th
Chrysaor 1st
Apollo 4th
Shooting Star 7th
Cosmic Rocket 4th
Zeus 7th
Electra 2nd


Special mention must go to Cosmic Rocket who received the Design and Construction Award for their Category.

Finally, thanks to all the parents for their support in making our squad run so smoothly at the event

Mr Andrew Lardner
HPV and Cycling Coordinator