HPV Wonthaggi Success

The St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School HPV and Cycling Squad had a successful weekend competing in the first HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) event of the year, the Wonthaggi HPV Grand Prix.

Our girls were represented in all five of our senior teams competing in the 24-hour event.

From Year 7 and 8, Stella Delardes, Olivia Ford and Teleigha Hall joined other boys in Zeus, whilst Ceilidh Armstrong, Sarah O’Connor and Misha Ravipati represented the girls in Ceto. Both these teams performed well and finished in the top five of their category.

Year 9 and 10 students of Zali Gosling, Meagan Hansen, Samantha Horton and Megan Keramidas made up the female members of the Chrysaor team. They had a fantastic race and battled throughout the event to finish first in class.

Sarah Arnett, Jessica Elfick, Poppy Elfick, Adele Hanley, Alisa Johnson, Caitlyn Lake, Claire Schreurs and Jinuki Weerasinha rode in the all-female class aboard Pegasus.

Our senior HPV Captains, Makenzie Betts, was unable to ride due to injury but she took on a management role within the team over the weekend and it was wonderful to see her develop a new skillset.

Thanks to the support of all the students and their families who participated in the event. Our next HPV event is in May. If your child is interested in participating in the program, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr Andrew Lardner
HPV and Cycling Coordinator