Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Success at the Wonthaggi 24hr Grand Prix

The St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School HPV & Cycling Squad had a successful weekend in Wonthaggi for the Wonthaggi 24hr HPV Grand Prix. We had 9 teams entered – 4 senior teams, 3 junior teams and 2 parents and former students teams. In total, 63 students and 24 parents and former students participated.

This event saw our participants’ battle tough competition with extreme weather conditions, including high temperatures, wind gusts of up to 60km/h and heavy rain. Unfortunately, the rain made track conditions too dangerous to continue competing so the race was declared at 10.10am.

Our Year 4 – 6 students, who rode in Apollo, Shooting Star and Cosmic Rocket, competed for 14 hours (Noon until 10.00 pm, then started riding again at 6.00 am) and had a fabulous time. The smiles on their faces confirmed how much fun they were having!

Our Year 7 – 12 students, competing in Pegasus (Open Female Category), PerZeus (Open Secondary Category) Zeus (Open Secondary Category), and Chrysaor (Middle Secondary Category) completed for the entire race distance. Each rider rode with great courage given the riding conditions and demonstrated good riding skills throughout the event.

Pegasus and Chrysaor had well deserved victories in their categories. Pegasus, whose riders were Sarah Arnett, Susanna Bates, Makenzie Betts, Adele Hanley, Erin Hanley, Meagan Hansen, Alisa Johnson, Clare McCurdy and Phoebe Thompson finished 26 laps ahead to their nearest rival.

Elizabeth Calder, Olivia Ford, Zali Gosling, Megan Keramidas, Chiara Lettieri, Sarah O’Connor, Claire Schreurs, Sam Thompson and Cooper Webb rode Chrysaor to 3rd place in the race, 1 lap behind 2nd place. However, overall victory includes points for vehicle design and construction as well as the race, so Chrysaor took overall line honours in the Middle Secondary Category.

PerZeus, our senior boys team of Connor Beck, River Dixon, Thomas Fenner, Jordan Graziano, Rylan Hall, Justin Lake, Miller Marks-Boulton, Lachlan McPhee and Lachlan Webb rode with incredible speed after an interesting morning prior to the start of the race. During practice, a weld broke on the steering mechanism, so after some quick repair work they were on the grid and ready to race. A result of 3rd place in their category was a wonderful result for this team. Zeus, also racing in the same category, had a very consistent race, placing higher than expected by finishing 6th. We done to James Agahi, Jessica Elfick, Samantha Horton, Evan Johnson, Caitlyn Lake, Trent Mitchell, Callum O’Connor, Ashton Padula, Max Walton Briggs, and Oliver Ward.

The SMS/BGS parents and former student teams also rode well. We are fortunate to provide our parents the opportunity to experience what their child/ren does by riding in their own vehicle. It is also wonderful to have our former student come back to our squad and ride alongside our current students, always setting a fantastic example on and off the track.

Summary of Results

Vehicle Category Position
Pegasus 1st
PerZeus 3rd
Zeus 6th
Chrysaor 1st
Apollo 3rd
Shooting Star 9th
Cosmic Rocket 14th
Electra 1st
Lynx 7th

Special mention must go to our new riders to the squad, the majority of whom were riding in Cosmic Rocket and Shooting Star. They all performed so well in their first endurance event!

Finally, thanks to all the parents for their support in making our squad run so smoothly at the event.

Mr Andrew Lardner
HPV & Cycling Coordinator