If You Want to Change The World, Start by Making Your Bed

Both the Senior Boys and Girls would be familiar with this video which Dr Middleton has discussed at assemblies:

In it, Admiral William McRaven talks about the lessons he learned as a Navy Seal that easily translate to success in real life.  He gave this as the commencement speech for the graduating class of the university of Texas.

The ten lessons he shares are all about conquering life’s challenges – an especially important message right now as we all face new and unexpected challenges.

Start the day by making your bed says Admiral McRaven – because then you have already accomplished something at the start of the day.  You have started your day in a disciplined mindset and shown yourself today is a day to feel good about getting things done.

In times like these we feel like so much about our day – and about this time – is outside of our control. But making your bed provides structure, and a sense of personal achievement. And it’s so simple!

Accomplishment is a key element of wellbeing – as staying in routine is a key element of success when learning independently.

And worst comes to worst, you have a well-made bed to get into at the end of a long day.  And a reminder that at least you accomplished something!

This is a terrific video to watch to motivated yourself and remind yourself that no challenge is insurmountable.


Recently I finished the book with all 10 lessons to change your life – and for such a slim book it is so rich with meaning.  I’ll be discussing some of his other lessons over the next week or two on The Wellbeing Hive.