Inaugural Year 12 Study Expo

The Year 12 boys have been working to build a learning community, helping one another as we prepare for final exams. This was the aim of our first Year 12 Study Expo. The afternoon began with an extremely valuable session with Ross Huggard an assistant VCAA examination chief assessor. His advice and suggestions had the young men enthralled and will be invaluable for the English exam.

Dr Middleton inspired the boys with a message about prevailing through adversity, providing the students with the will to work hard to achieve their best in this last leg of their secondary education.

One highlight of the evening was hearing the study advice of the old boys’ but you could have heard a pin drop when the gentlemen were listening to the advice of their peers in their own cohort as Mason and Ashley shared secrets to efficient and effective study habits and processes.

We wish the boys well in the lead up to their exams.

Mrs Helen McDonald
Director of Academic Growth