International Women’s Day Luncheon

At the International Women’s Day Luncheon we heard many inspirational speakers including Louise Ferguson (2017 Westpac Woman of Influence of the Year), Melanie Gleeson (Founder and CEO of Endota Spa), Dr Mei Ling Döéry (Physician strategist), Sheree Rubenstein (Founder and CEO of One Roof) and others.

Aside from the speeches, questions were posed to the panel of the guest speakers concerning gender equality issues and feminist views. The main topics discussed were: The alignment of purpose with career, overcoming adversity as a woman in today’s society, the balance between work and home life, and the gender pay gap.

Many of the speakers had worked in multiple fields throughout their life, such as both medicine and law, and encouraged us to keep pursuing what we were passionate about, and to make a difference.

The speakers directly addressed us, the students, as the future generation leading the way in the push for gender equality. We were inspired to speak out in pursuit of this equality and were grateful to have the opportunity to hear these inspirational role models speak.

Dimpy Kohli, Priya Wlaker, Kara O’Sullivan and Ayangee Kumaranayake
Year 10 students