Jedi Academy

Every boy at Berwick Grammar School has the chance to be a Padawan and learn the ways of the Jedi in our very own Jedi Academy, held on Tuesdays in Week 1.

With the aid of our School Psychologists Nina Stefanovic and Bianca Moran, boys are learning how to apply the ways of the Jedi to their own lives – the character traits that are so appealing and how to be mindful and focused and how this gives the Jedi Power.

In our first session we looked at key characters from Episodes 1 – 8 and what defined them and was behind their actions.  This bolstered some of the work students have been doing in the new CARE program about character strengths and how to use these.  Subsequent sessions have looked at the Force itself, and whether the films teach us that the dark or the light is stronger.

The Academy has been very popular with Year 12 students in particular and we remind younger boys that even without the stress of Year 12 exams, we can all learn a little something about balance, kindness and inner strength from the lessons of the Jedi.