What better way to introduce young people to the power of mindfulness than to tap into their interest in the Star Wars movie franchise!

Our wonderful school Psychologists, Nina Stefanovic and Bianca Moran have designed a program to help boys get in touch with key wellbeing concepts by relating it to Star Wars characters.  We call these fortnightly sessions Jedi Training Academy.

The first session was popular with boys of all ages, although was especially of interest to our Year 12 students who know they have many months of study ahead that requires discipline and calm.  Through discussing the key characteristics of the main characters in the films, the boys were able to identify the traits and character strengths that allowed some characters – such as Luke Skywalker, Leia and Obiwan Kenobi to conquer adversity, whilst other characters, namely Anakin Skywalker, embraced anger and the ‘dark side’ instead.

The boys enjoyed being encouraged to watch films as a part of their homework.

To capitalise on the popularity of this, the school also ran a Star Wars themed week to link into the popular date – May 4th, which is often considered ‘Star Wars Day’.

Ms Lauren Cook