Lake Eildon Experience

Our 2019 Year 7 cohort set off to Lake Eildon for the first OEG (Outdoor Education Group) camp and was an excellent opportunity for the boys to get to know each other.

They were introduced to the basics of outback survival, including waterproofing gear and knowing what to pack to survive comfortably in Australian nature. For some, it was their first experience with camping or being away from home.

They had to learn to cook their own meals and pick up after themselves. This is an essential step in a boy’s development and it was heartening to see the resilience they showed in dealing with these challenges together with the positive attitude they maintained throughout the whole camp experience.

There were many exciting activities throughout the week, aimed at encouraging teamwork and leadership, while challenging students outside of their traditional comfort zones. These included both a low-ropes and high-ropes course, which both required cooperation to succeed.

As a group, the boys also had to problem solve to overcome challenges in the Wangarri Adventure Challenge which also included some on-water initiatives.

Other highlights from the week included mountain biking, playful rafting in beautiful surrounds, peaceful trout fishing, and an engaging cultural session delivered by esteemed Indigenous Elder, Murrundindi.

While there were certainly challenges at times, and students and teachers returned tired and some bruised, this was an amazing experience and it is undoubtedly a memory that our boys will always remember.

Mr Sean Pieper