Language – past and present

When learning a language comes to mean to learn about one’s school – past and future

In our endeavour to learn how to use tenses to talk about the past, we discovered the IMPARFAIT. The Year 10 French class turned into a project to talk about the past. At first, we thought about writing about the history of Manchester United for those who love soccer or the history of rockets. That could sound a little like rocket science for some of us, including me. Pas de jeu de mot, s’il vous plaît. We eventually settled for our own turf and chose to write about BGS.

The Imparfait had served the perfect learning purpose!

As a French teacher, I would like to pay tribute to the brainstorming process that took place at the start of our project. Tristyn came up with the idea that we had to highlight the history of the land and its first owners. Navaal took up the history of the Old BGS and wrote to Dr Middleton to delve into our past and find pictures. Daniel daringly came back after school to take a drone picture of the school grounds, with the permission of Mme Rome. Oliver took up the challenge of interviewing Mme Rome and Dr Middleton about their vision for the future of our school and Ned allowed himself to dream big about what our school could look like in the years to come.
An invitation was then extended to the Chinese class to join us in translating what we had written.
In one word, this project has been teamwork at its best.

The posters will be on display in the French room on Friday for the first edition of the Global Awareness Award in the presence of the French Consul and the Attaché for Education of the French Embassy in Canberra.