Our Year 6 BGS boys took part in a Chinese cooking session last week with Ms Tan. The boys made dumplings and had some assistance from a Year 10 mentor, Mitchell Axnick, who is currently studying Chinese. The boys took this opportunity to not only build some cooking skills but also practice their Chinese. This gave our Year 6 boys the opportunity to understand some of the links between learning a language and building an intercultural understanding. Mitchell assisted in making the boys feeling part of a bigger community and encouraged them to continue with their language studies. The dumplings were delicious!

Language Perfect Victorian Championship
The boys have performed outstandingly well in the Victorian Language Championship, coming second in our category of under 250 students. Berwick Grammar School came 4th in the state with 5 gold awards. Our boys took full advantage of the competition. These results display their dedication to their respective languages, French and Chinese, as well as their efforts and commitment to strive for excellence. Congratulations to all involved.

Ms Tifany Centelles
Learning Leader – Languages