Let’s Not Throw It All Away…

A few nights ago, I built my very first piece of Lego (pictured) – admittedly it was aimed at around ten-year-olds, but hey! I figure I have to start somewhere. And do you know what? I really enjoyed it.
I am now adding enjoying Lego to the list of surprising things I have found out about myself in Lockdown.

And it occurred to me in that moment, and in the hours after when I remarked to my bemused partner that I was now a Lego enthusiast, that amongst it all – amongst the frustrations, the stresses, the tiredness and the cabin fever, I have actually learnt a lot about myself and my wellbeing during the pandemic – knowledge that I want to retain and capitalise on in the years to come.

Firstly, and as I have written about before, I think we have all learned about our capacity to try new things, even as we get older. It’s lovely to know that we can still surprise ourselves and find new ways to express our unique identities. I love the feeling that there is no full stop after the list of things to know about me – it is always growing and changing and different situations will bring out new and different elements.

Secondly, and as my wonderful colleague recently reassured us, the human capacity to adapt is astonishing. We should take from this difficult period that we have ALL coped with, the knowledge that in adversity, we can meet challenges we never dreamed or expected. Sure, I may every so often walk the dog halfway up the driveway before remembering to go back for my mask – but the mask doesn’t feel so strange anymore. I know I can keep using it for as long as I need to. I also know – while I miss the warmth of their hugs and the simply joy of sharing a cup of tea – I can maintain relationships through various medium such as Zoom and Messenger and more.

And finally, by having to monitor my own wellbeing (and those of others close to me) so closely, I have learned a lot about what works for me in times of stress. I know a quiet read, or a walk in the fresh air are two good strategies to use when feeling tired and overwhelmed. Even better than a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine in fact!

I think it may even be this final point that is the most important – learning about myself and how better to manage myself and others.

These are insights that will stand me in good stead in the future… insights that will help me maintain balance with other challenges ahead, whether they be COVID-related or not.

What have been your #lockdownlessons? Like me, have yours been more profound in this second lockdown? Are there things you will move forward with as well?


Main Photo by Elly Fairytale