Make Your Mindful Moment a Grateful One

Of all the 9 facets of the Wellbeing Hive, the practice of mindfulness may seem the biggest challenge for some families and young people.

People often confuse the term ‘mindfulness’ with meditation, which is a particularly deep and enriching mindfulness practice – but will not resonate for everyone. It is worth a try at some point though! Make sure you have a Growth Mindset around this!

But if the idea of a meditation practice is too much for your ten minutes of mindfulness a day, an easy and especially useful practice to begin is a gratitude practice.

Spending a few minutes each day thinking about the good in each day trains the brain to focus more on the positives. Research shows that within a month, you will notice a change in your brain if you adopt this practice.

I have been using a gratitude journal for several years now, and it is heartening to know that no matter how many challenges a day may bring – you can always find at least three things per day to be grateful for.

Often gratitude journals are rather pretty too if that appeals to you – mine is pictured above.

Dr Lea Waters talks a little more in the video below about the practice, and gives you some other ideas for gratitude practices for your household.