Maker Space at Berwick Grammar School

Berwick Grammar School is buzzing with robots, mini drones, mobile technology and electronics.

We have established a Maker Space to encourage students to experiment, build, collaborate and explore digital technologies.  Students are building prototypes, creating apps to solve real world problems and experimenting with drone technology, which is a huge growth industry in Australia.

Our new Maker Space is available for teachers to use with students during class time and for students to access through our lunchtime and afterschool clubs program.

These new technologies will encourage critical and creative thinking and enable solutions to be imagined, tested, refined and improved.   We are providing opportunities for students to design and experiment with technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and to explore how these technologies will impact our lives in the future.

The Berwick Grammar School community would like to thank the Parents’ and Friends’ Association for their generous donation which has allowed us to provide this exciting addition to our STEM and digital technologies program.

Ms Meg Fortington