Melbourne Writers’ Festival

On 20 August, our Year 7 and 8 English Extension classes were treated to a day at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival. The boys attended a lecture and book reading by two prominent teen authors, as well as an illustration workshop facilitated by Indigenous illustrator, Lisa Kennedy, which aimed to show students what inspiration can be drawn from their own connection to the land. Cally Black, author of Dark Spaces, spoke about the social issues which inspire her to write and where she comes up with her ideas for science-fiction writing. Alison Evans, author of Ida, spoke about how writers can use fiction to explore their own identity and help us understand each other. Ida follows a young adult with the power to shift between parallel universes, capable of living out alternate paths. This was a great opportunity for the boys to gain insight into the world of professional writing, as well as to enjoy some lunch in the sunshine and a tour of Melbourne’s city streets.