METS Performance

METS Performance visited Berwick Grammar School to deliver an exciting Biomechanical Practical Workshop for the St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar Schools VCE Unit 3 Physical Education students. Luke and the team at METS Performance set up practical workshops where students could explore Biomechanical Kinetic Concepts including Force, Mass, Inertia, Momentum and Impulse, Summation of Momentum and Conservation if Momentum as well as Newtons three laws of motion. Our VCE students were  then investigate and apply a range of Biomechanical Kinematic Concepts including Distance, Displacement, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration using a range of practical workshops including electronic timing gates which record their 20m split times their acceleration, velocity. A great interactive Biomechanical workshop that engaged the students and provoked curiosity and discovery within their learning journey.

Mr Nick Simpson
Sport teacher