Mindfulness Mondays

As a part of our new CARE Program, all boys at Berwick Grammar School take part in Mindfulness Mondays.

Mindfulness is not only a great technique to use in stressful times, but also to develop strong mental habits and resilience that can be called upon in those times of stress.

Boys have taken part in short meditations, gratitude practices, and pictured here, doing mindful colouring whilst experimenting with working to soft music.

These activities complement our focus on Leadership, Literacy and general wellbeing on the other weekdays.

This video was particularly enjoyed by students, and outlined how practicing gratitude actually contributes to our overall personal happiness.

Parents and guardians can also further support and get involved in the process, simply by using their mobile phone.  There are a number of apps that can help adults and children practice mindfulness together. Smiling Mind, The Resilience Project and Headspace all have excellent apps, and the app ‘Calm’ won a lot of awards in 2017.   It would be wonderful to think that families were also getting value out of some of the skills, ideas and practices we have been introducing to Berwick Grammar Boys in Term 1.