Mission Discovery Program

Year 10 is a year of thought and preparation for our future beyond high school and as such, it is important to explore as many experiences as possible to make a more informed decision.

As part of this exploration, Daniel and myself were fortunate enough to attend the 2018 ISSET Mission Discovery Program during the Term 3 holidays.

This program, held over the course of a week at Melbourne University, saw students from all across the State come together in teams and compete in a challenge to design a science experiment to be sent to the International Space Station.

The week was very enjoyable and offered an excellent insight into the complex and exciting world of engineering and science at the forefront of space technology.

It also allowed us to connect with university students studying in the area and experienced individuals who have worked at NASA and the European Space Agency including the amazing opportunity to meet astronaut Steve Swanson.

My team proposed an experiment into quorum sensing and necrosis in a microgravity environment. It was an incredible week.

Oliver Ward and Daniel Peart
Year 10 students