Mooting Competition!

On Friday 6 May, Berwick Grammar School sent two of our finest legal minds to participate in the Bond University High School Mooting Competition. The judges were immensely impressed by their performance and gave high praise to both Daanyal Saeed and Kash Gaitely.

Mooting involves a simulated court experience where students from across the region present realistic legal cases at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. This is very close to the real experience. Students are expected to use real legal terminology and adhere to formal dress codes. They had to prepare arguments and coordinate as a team to present these.

The boys put in a tremendous amount of effort preparing for this competition and the results reflected this. They were commended on their teamwork and the strong legal arguments they presented.

This was our first time entering this competition and we made an outstanding first impression. BGS look forward to continued participation in this event in future years.
Mr Sean Pieper
Enrichment Coordinator