mySummit Inspire Stretch and Challenge Conference

On Thursday 8 August, sixty of our students from Years 7 to 11 attended the mySummit Inspire, Stretch and Challenge Conference in the Rosanove Auditorium. University-style sessions throughout the day were facilitated by Julie Arliss, the founder of Academy Conferences, from Kings College in the United Kingdom. Academy Conferences runs the largest series of national conferences in Australasia and the UK, providing an inspirational and thought-provoking atmosphere for academically gifted pupils.

Throughout the day, the boys and girls engaged in a number of sessions designed to stretch and challenge their thinking. The first session, “What Would I Do?” was based around ethics and moral decision making, with the exploration of some confronting scenarios. The second topic “Is the Meaning of Life to be Happy?” prompted a wide range of interesting responses and discussion. Session Three, titled “Genetics, Epigenetics and Transhumanism” particularly appealed to those students with an interest in Science and Ethics. The last session of the day was a debate constructed around the idea of culling of animals who cause significant damage.

The mySummit Inspire, Stretch and Challenge Conference was a wonderful opportunity for like-minded students to be involved in a day that caused them to think critically, express their ideas, and to ask some big questions about life. Insightful ideas, moral dilemmas and perspectives on decision making gave rise to an enriching and inspirational day.

We look forward to holding similar events and activities in the future, building in further student interaction, communication and discussion. Stay tuned.

Ms Glenda Clarke
Leader – Learning Diversity