National History Challenge

We are delighted to announce that Max Walton Briggs of Year 10 has received a Victorian Young Historian Silver Certificate for his essay on Turning Points. His essay, which explored turning points in Australia’s history of fire management practices, came in the top three papers for his category in the state.

Having been previously shortlisted, his essay was sent to Canberra to be judged. Placing in the top three students in the state is a very significant achievement for Max, as he was competing against a vast range of talented students, many of which were his older peers.

The requirements of this task stretch students’ thinking and writing skills, as they conform to more stringent requirements than high school essays, such as adhering to an academic writing style and proper referencing conventions.

Congratulations to Max on this fantastic achievement and we wish the best of luck to any students thinking of participating in next year’s competition.

Mr Sean Pieper
Cultural Coordinator