Optimal Performance – Time Management Strategies

Managing the workload and striking the right balance in VCE is one of the biggest challenges faced by students. Elevate Education recently presented a high impact Time Management Workshop to our Year 11 students. The presenter challenged the students to consider the 4 elements of time management.

  1. Finding the time – for optimal performance creating a study timetable that designates time for the “fun stuff” first and adding study time in the gaps in the week.
  2. Prioritizing – Students looked at the two different zones of work in VCE and were encouraged to flip their thinking to attempt to do their Zone of Marks work first (the non-required tasks that will help them stand out and help them get better marks) and then complete the Zone of Demand tasks work with a deadline that gives students a foundation in their subject area.
  3. Reducing the work- Creating a study group where revision tasks can be divided between team members and then the team shares what they have learnt with the group- reduces the amount of time spent on creating notes and ensures students understand the topic well.
  4. Procrastination– Four areas identified as the biggest reasons for delaying study these include lack of motivation, feeling overwhelmed, disliking the work and spending too much time on social media. Strategies were shared for overcoming these classic study blockers including the introduction of ‘time waster apps’ that prevent students from using certain apps during their designated study sessions.

Consistency is the key! For more study strategies students are encouraged to check out the Elevate Education website or speak with Mrs Helen McDonald, Director of Academic Growth.

Mrs Jodie McCarthy
Careers Practitioner