Our New Learning and Wellbeing Space – Growing Good Men

A change in timetable this year has meant that we have been able to offer boys an extra space dedicated to our school ethos of Growing Good Men.  This space focusing on being better learners, and wellbeing for boys.  In the senior years there will also be a strong focus on Careers and Futures planning.  It is a space tailored to our students and their needs.

Although several year levels were out on camp for the first week, we were able to offer several relevant programs for the remaining boys.  While our Year 8 boys prepared for camp, Year 10s began a Safe at Work module with Heads of House which is valuable preparation for their Work Experience in Term Two.  Year 11 students took the character strengths survey – a good habit to get into each year – with Ms Cook and discussed how any why our signature strengths might change over time.  They also looked at the dark side of character strengths – how a strength can be misused or overused to create a negative impact.  We’ve all no doubt seen times when the strength of humour or honesty have been misused!  This is terrific personal development for our older students.  Our VCE students were introduced to an outline of the Careers Program this year by our wonderful Careers Practitioner Ms McCarthy.

Although new, the program is fully prepared and scope and sequenced, and will also include sessions from the Rock and Water Program, Elevate as well as Drug and Alcohol education where appropriate.  It should be a wonderful talking point over Tuesday night dinners!

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing