Our School Captains Talk International Women’s Day

At a recent assembly, our two wonderful school captains had this to say about International Women’s Day….


Good morning boys.

Tomorrow marks International Women’s Day.
Whilst it’s important to admire and support the women around us every day, this is a special day for taking the time out to reflect and speak about the women that we admire most in our lives. Particularly with the recent issues surrounding the culture of all boys’ schools, it’s especially fitting that we take the time to reflect about our school culture towards women. When I was told to mention a woman that I admire, I began to think about actors and Nobel-winning scientists. But in reality, I realized that every single day I come to school and work/learn alongside an amazing group of women. We are surrounded by incredible women every day who, despite leading busy lives outside of school being mothers or with other passions, come to school and work incredibly hard to change their little corner of the world in their classroom. To educate. Women with incredible intelligence, kindness and women that make our school a better place.


Today, we’ll have the opportunity to hear from Ms Rome and Dr Middleton, as well as boys who have volunteered themselves to telling us all about a woman that they admire. Personally, the woman that I admire most in my life is my mum Mehar. Her resilience to move out of the borders that her family has never seen beyond in pursuit of a better life. With little to no financial stability, to then build your new life in a foreign country and culture from the ground-up is simply mesmerizing to me. Her generosity to turn my older brother’s now vacant bedroom into essentially a free Airbnb for other immigrants, whether she knows them or not, leaving the door open to those who are struggling to find their footing here in Australia just as she did 30 odd years ago. Now as much as I’d love to go on and on about my mother, we want to allow the most amount of time for everyone to share their incredible stories, so thank you and we hope you all have a wonderful day.