Our School in China and Hong Kong

Our School values the rich and diverse cultural backgrounds of all our students and my role provides a focus to maximise engagement with communities around the world that translate into opportunities for St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School in the areas of enrolments, community engagement and marketing of the School.

Once again, the Principal Ms Rome, and I, will be representing and promoting the School in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong in March by attending the AEAS Australian Schools events in each city.  Leading Australian Independent Schools view these events as significant opportunities to reach a much broader market in country (with over 250 families attending each event); connecting with their alumni, current and future families.  We too look forward to connecting with our community in China and Hong Kong and learning more about their lives and the aspirations these students have for study beyond their local borders.

If you have family members or friends in these or neighboring cities, please make them aware that we will be visiting, as we would love to meet them and provide them with information about enrolment at our School.  Ms Rome will be attending the exhibitions in Beijing on Saturday 2 March, Shanghai Sunday 3 March, and I will be attending the exhibitions (and an Agent workshop) in Guangzhou on Saturday 9 March and Hong Kong 10 March.  You can view information about the exhibitions via this link:  https://aeas.com.au/exhibitions-2/  Current parents, and prospective families are also welcome to join me for a cup of tea or coffee in Beijing on Tuesday 5 March, Guangzhou on Thursday 7 March and Hong Kong on 11 March.  Please contact me at roneyc@stmargarets.vic.edu.au

Mrs Carolyn Roney
Director of Partnerships – Local, National and International