Parents’ and Friends’ Update and Upcoming Events

It is important to reflect on what has been, when it feels like things are moving so fast…

The St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School Parents’ and Friends’ Association is such a dynamic and evolving Association and has been busy with many events during Terms 2 and 3. The Association has held the SMS and BGS Mothers’ Day Stalls, which are always entertaining when one observes the diverse buying techniques of young boys and girls. The Mother’s Day Lunch was held at the beautiful Clover Cottage on 6 May and was well attended by Ladies who laughed, chatted and reminisced throughout the afternoon and were engaged by the enigmatic Chantelle Baxter who is the co-founder and CEO of One Girl, a Charity which espouses that all girls are entitled to an education. This event was sponsored by Peake Real Estate and we are very thankful for their continued support of our School.

The Association also held the annual SMS and BGS Presentation Ball at The International Brighton on 18 June and was attended by 30 couples who were supported by their very proud family and friends. The BGS Bunnings Sausage Sizzle was held again at Bunnings Pakenham and saw many boys and their families support this event which encourages the social value of our school. It is always a pleasure to be part of these social and fun events.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop has undergone a recent stocktake, so if you need items from the School Uniform List, please visit the volunteers at the Second Hand Uniform Shop, located at St Margaret’s School. For current hours of operation, please check the School Website facebook link.

It has been a very exciting period of review within the St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar Parents’ and Friends’ Association over the last few months, as we continuously strive to meet the changing needs of the School Community and improve in how we best meet these needs. We are very fortunate with the support of the Association and our School Community to hold the events that we do. The review identified that  the School Community changes and as an Association we need to accommodate these changes within the events that are provided to the School Community.

With this in mind, the Association will hold the St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School Twilight Fair every two years. It is with great excitement that the Association will present a Twilight Family Movie Night on Friday 17 March 2017 at St Margaret’s School.  This will provide the opportunity for the Fair to be rejuvenated and enhanced each time it is held, with an exciting venture for new and varied Family Fundraising events to be offered at the School on the alternate year to the Fair being held. All ideas are welcome and with volunteers to assist, most anything can be achieved. I encourage you to please attend a meeting and see what the Parents’ and Friends’ Association offers not just your child but to the volunteers as well, who are an integral  part of the School Community.

Upcoming events, include:

Fathers’ Day Stalls- BGS 31 August, SMS 2 September

Wine Night – 2 September

BGS Dad’s Breakfast – 20 October

Car Show – 25 November

Trash and Treasure Car Boot Sale – 3 December

Please check the Bulletins and Facebook for further details.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me on M: 01414 897 809 E:

Mrs Shemane Nathanielsz
President, St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School Parents’ and Friends’ Association 2016