Pat Cronin Foundation – Be Wise

Berwick Grammar School was privileged to welcome Matt Cronin and Geoff Smith from the Pat Cronin Foundation. Students were transfixed by Matt’s inspirational presentation on the Coward Punch that took the life of his son, and the impact on families and the community.

The Be Wise awareness session involved students in Year 10, 11 and 12 who participated in small group discussion, viewing an excerpt from the Pat Cronin Documentary as well as student reflection and discussion on the documentary.

Importantly, Matt urged our community to share Pat’s story – to share how one act of violence can have life changing consequences for the victim, victim’s family and the perpetrator.

Student reflections

(Sam- Year 11)

The Pat Cronin presentation was definitely one of the more moving things I have experienced in the school environment. It was a real an eye opener as to what effects something like the ‘coward punch’ can have on the family of the victim and all those that knew them. It was a very impressive feat the Matt is able to share his son’s story considering the amount of hardship must have caused him originally and to this day.

(Rylan – Year 11)

It showed a different perspective on the one punch crisis that we don’t normally hear about. It was heavy material that was talked about that got right to the point. Talked about the crisis that is going on within Melbourne at the moment of the one punch. Showed the effect that one punch can have on a person and their family and friends.

(Max –Year 11)

The thing that will stay with me is the talk the three friends gave and how upset they were about Pat’s passing. It was good to discuss things we can do to avoid fights and stop the coward punch. This includes consuming a safe amount of alcohol, leaving the club or pub if someone starts to get aggressive, avoid hotspot areas known for crime or fights and even not going out with a friend if you know they can get a little bit aggressive and may influence a dangerous situation. Getting in fights and punching people doesn’t make you tough.

We will continue to support the Foundation through fundraising for ongoing awareness, education and research. If you would like to support the Pat Cronin Foundation we are selling the wristbands at Berwick Grammar School  Reception for $5 each.

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