Peer Mentoring Storytelling Project

Year 10 boys are currently working with Ms Cook on a storytelling project that aims at helping their Year 7 buddies to further consider our message of Growing Good Men.  Year 10 students have been working hard in pastoral care sessions to consider positive masculine qualities and examine how these are portrayed by the male role models in their lives, and the male characters in the texts they engage with.  The result will be to share the stories of these figures during peer mentoring sessions.

This exciting project – which is still underway, is a part of the current cycle of Action Research occurring globally by teachers involved in the International Boys Schools’ Coalition.  While not all projects share a focus on positive masculinity as this one does, teachers involved have ongoing professional discussions and reflections on best classroom practice for boys, and how stories can be used to engage them.  The final report will be presented at next year’s conference in Montreal, Canada.

Ms Lauren Cook
Deputy Head of Berwick Grammar School