Peer Mentoring Update

Our new Peer Mentoring Program is taking shape.  All Year 7 students have had several big groups sessions with the Year 10 classes, being physically active together, building confidence and trust.  The Year 10 students are to be commended upon their care and encouragement in this.

Now, we begin to pair up our students, so that they have a mentor from each Year 10 Home Group who is also in the House. This means that the friendly relationships built can continue in House Activities.

Year 10 students continue to undertake a lot of training, learning last week about reading with feeling – as this will be a key part of the program – but also about opening themselves up to sharing simple experiences with their peer mentoree. We have encouraged Year 10 boys to share some of their own hobbies and passions, but boys in the group skilled and enthusiastic about everything from music to design, coaching, service and the Environment.  They have also been encouraged to learn about the interests of their buddy, and explore these together too.