Peer Mentoring

It is a delight to see the continuing bonds of our Year 7 and Year 10 cohorts in our peer mentoring program here at Berwick Grammar School.

This began with a focus on ‘Real Boys Read’ seeing students from both year levels read to each other.  It is wonderful to see these conversations expand, with some of our Year 10 readers feeling more confident to begin discussing the passages being read with their peer mentor buddies so that we learn and grow from each other’s responses. Rhegan McEwan of Year 10 was recently seen holding a terrific discussion with two Year 7 buddies about the book he introduced to them.

In addition, the friendly banter grows as boys take their now comfortable friendships into the sporting arena.  This week, Jesse Busacca of Year 10 challenged Cooper Webb of Year 7 to a game of ‘Around the World’, and the new table tennis tables – which have been particularly popular with the gentlemen of Year 7 – provided the opportunity for Year 7 and 10 buddy pairs to challenge other pairs.  Here, Navaal Saeed and Danny Peart of Year 10 partner up with Rabil Islam and Jack Feiner of Year 7 for a championship game.

Ms Lauren Cook
Deputy Head – Wellbeing