Plastic Free Term 3

Every year, Australians generate millions of tonnes of waste in food, fashion, packaging and more. In the last 20 years our population has grown by 28 per cent, but the amount of waste we produce has increased 170 per cent. (Sarafian, 2018)

Question: Is the problem consumption or population or both?

At Berwick Grammar School, the boys are making a pledge to give up single use plastics for Term 3.  They are choosing the items that they are most likely to use and give those up.  The aim is that by the end of the term they will have formed sustainable habits and will no longer use these items.   Join them and make your pledge (screen shot it and email it to

Plastic free kit – Used to avoid single use plastic. Includes a reusable set of cutlery, straw and collapsible cup.

Berwick Grammar Environment Team have these convenient bags with a spoon and fork for sale at the very reasonable price of just $5.00 – available through Ms Lewis or Ben Fankhauser.  The bags are made from calico so easy to create your own funky designed bag to use at school and avoid the single use plastic!  Remember the Berwick Grammar Keepcups are still available at Reception for just $15 (better than recommended retail) and the Canteen will happily fill them with soup, dim sims or a hot chocolate.  Worried about dirty cutlery? The Environment Team will have cleaning stations set up at the end of recess and lunch to rinse your items so they can return home without messing up your bag.

Remember every single time you refuse a single use item it is one less item in landfill.

It really is, plastic or the planet, and it is up to us!

The War on Waste 2 aired on Wednesday 24 July on ABC.

Get informed, get involved and save the planet.  #There is no planet B

The BGS Environment Team