Prep Craft Afternoon

‘My mummy smells nice every day; my mummy gives me snuggly hugs and my mum cooks me roast chicken and vegetables to keep me healthy!’

These were only some of the beautiful sentiments expressed by the Prep students in the St Margaret’s Junior School, prior to the inaugural Prep Craft Afternoon.

Thirty five excited students waited with anticipation to welcome their mothers into the Prep complex to make jewel encrusted crowns and personalised brooches. Gemstones were eagerly cut and coloured, brilliant patterns created and portraits depicting beautiful princesses were drawn. The students then shared a picture book with their mothers and proudly showed them their writing books. To complete the afternoon 35 crown bearing mothers (showing impeccable deportment), made their way to the Rosanove Auditorium to be presented with a flower, witness a stunning rendition of Skinnamirink – I Love You by the Prep students and view a Mothers’ Day presentation of loving sentiments.

The afternoon was a perfect way for the Prep students to enact the Primary Years Programme attitudes of appreciation, creativity and confidence.