Prepaid Tuition Fee Quotes

Each year families are provided an opportunity to request quotes for Prepaid Tuition Fees for up to three years in advance, based on the current year’s school fee structure.

The following Prepaid Tuition Fee plan key features apply to quotes issued:

  • Maximum of three years in advance,
  • Applicable to the Tuition Fee component only,
  • Tuition Fees quoted at the current year’s fee scale,
  • Pro-rata refund on early withdrawal from the plan, at the rate of fees paid, subject to the required 1 terms written notice,
  • Quote requests to be submitted by 20 September 2019, and
  • Payment to be made by 30 September 2019.

To request a Prepaid Tuition Fee Quote, pleased download and complete the Prepaid fee notice and return  by 20 September 2019


Mrs Gwen Campbell