Professor McCahy visits Year 11 Biology

Part of the VCE Unit 1 Biology course covers the excretory system and malfunctions of the system.  Professor Philip McCahy is an urologist and hence excretory system expert as well as a member of the parent body.  He kindly donated his time to come and explain to the boys how the excretory system works, specifically the functions of the kidney, ureters, urethra, bladder and prostate.

During the lesson, Professor McCahy used models and diagrams to assist the boys with understanding the excretory system.  He then showed the boys two different types of kidney stones that he had removed just last week; they were HUGE.  Professor McCahy also had a range of equipment that used to examine the inside of the bladder and kidneys, the endoscopes are truly amazing now.  He also demonstrated the use of ‘balloons’ that can be used to inflate vessels for the removal of blockages to the vessels of the kidney and bladder.  Finally, he explained the importance of excretory system health and likely causes for disease of the excretory system – mainly smoking and obesity.

As a community, we are extremely grateful for the contribution of experts that exist within it as they allow students to see future careers in their areas of interest.

Ms Delanie Lewis
Senior Biology Teacher